Stay for . . . 1 cat  : 10 euro/day 2 cats: 19 euro/day 3 cats: 28 euro/day Each additional cat: 9 euro/day. If your cat is on a special diet, please bring it with you. In case you do bring your own food, you will get 1 euro reduction per cat per day. If your cat needs any medication, please do bring it too. We will be glad to administer it to your beloved pet. Make sure you bring enough from the special food or medication for the whole stay. Your trust will be awarded with 1 day for free after 31 days of your cat’s presence in the Cat Hotel. Beyond 6 weeks of conti- nuous stay, this system is replaced by a reduction of 15% on the total amount that will be due. Any additional costs for food, medication or veterinary care, as well as eg mandatory flee treatment will be charged. We kindly ask you to pay half of the amount for the stay on the day you bring in your pet. The outstanding amount will be charged when you pick up your furry friend. We look forward taking care of your kitties! Thank you! *+ €1/cat, on all the previous prices.
From 1-1-2023*: