Policy & important facts: We cannot accept cats with an infectious disease, which can endanger the health of the other cats. In case of doubt, we consult our legal named super- vised veterinarian. All the cats staying at our hotel, have to be vaccinated against Leukemia (Felv), Dis- temper Virus (panleukopenia, also called infectious enteritis), and catflu (FHV, Calici,  . . .). These vaccines have to be administe- red at least between 3 weeks and less than a year before your pets’arrival at the hotel. This is an official regulation, meaning requi- red by the Ministry of Health. We kindly ask you to bring their treatment booklets with you, this in order for us to keep our adminis- tration correct and to be able to handle the vaccination certificates to an inspector if needed. We also have to ask you to treat your furry friends with flea and tick prevention. If at the beginning of their stay, they have not received this treatment yet, or if the product was administered longer then 4 weeks before their arrival, we will take care of this preventive treatment and the cost will be charged to you at the end of your beloved cats’vacation. We cannot accept flea collars as suffisant prevention. All male cats should be neutered, except those younger then 6 months of age. To keep your lovely kitties comfortable, we
strongly advise you to bring their favorite toys, blankets (uncleaned of course, they want the place to smell like home), and/or food dishes. A sudden diet change is not recommended, so please feel free to bring your pets’usual nutrition. On arrival, please hand us the completed registration form or email it to us at least one day ahead. On one document you can register up to 6 cats. The Cat Hotel is open every day from 9am to 9pm, with appointment. If a taken appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, please let me know in time as soon as possible. Thank you! If you have any questions, or need other advise, we will be glad to assist you. Purry Greetings, Carine