Dear Cat Parents, Here for you . . . some facts about our Cat Hotel . . . Are you looking for a warm and cozy place where your cat(s) can stay while you are away on vacation, organising a relocation, or hospitalized and so on? We look forward to welcome your furry friend(s) and give hi../m/them the greatest care and diligence, and gladly we’ll fulfill his needs during the stay. They/he will be loged in one of the pleasant decorative runs each based on a specific theme; each run has a mural focused on enriching the cats environment (thanks to the artist Eddie Van Hoef!). If needed and/or based on the number of pets you are bringing in, a door connecting 2 runs can be opened in order to create more space. All runs are equipped with a large scratching post and a litter box. Also, during the day, your beloved friends can enjoy relaxing music playing on the background. The central part of the hotel is being used on regular base to give your cat, or more cats belonging to the same pet family, the so important pleasure to run and play around free. Of course we guarantee you that kitties from different homes do not get in direct contact with each other. Every day I’ll make
sure your pet(s) receive their so needed love and hugs, play time and brushing of their coat if needed. All this I will do with the greatest dedication and love, because your furry friend(s) deserve the best care and all of the affection they need. If there are any other specific needs your kitty has, feel free to talk to me about it, I am sure we can always find a way of making every kitty happy. I look forward to meet you and your furry friend(s) . . . See you and your beloved friend(s) soon! Carine
't Spinnerke is an officially recognized Cat Hotel.